The Bread People/Хлібні люди/Die Brotmenschen

ENGThrough the metaphorical play of objects this stop-motion fi lm tells the story of the“bread family” and depicts the most common situations of the Holodomor, the genocide ofUkrainian peasants in 1932-1933. The film visualizes the concept of trauma passed downfrom generation to generation and serves as a reminder to learn lessons of the past for The Bread People/Хлібні люди/Die Brotmenschen

Jellydream/Ein Gelée-Traum

EN Based on the Activation-Synthesis Theory, which says that dreams are nothing morethan attempts of our mind to interpret random signals from neurons, this short fi lmsubmerges viewers into a whimsical animated universe. The main character falls asleepand fi nds herself wandering between electrical impulses, creating a parallel world ofher own mind. DE Laut der Jellydream/Ein Gelée-Traum